Fine Art Installation

artverb* takes art installation very seriously. We have the highest standards in the industry. Whether it’s a simple painting or a complex sculptural installation for a gallery, we always strive for the best in safety and precision. Our installers use only the highest grade museum hardware and best tools for accuracy. When you hire us for an art installation, you are in capable hands that can assist with art placement, height suggestions and complex salon style compositions.

  • our technicians have full liability insurance and WSIB coverage
  • all installs are completed with at least 2 technicians and at least one “lead installer”
  • lead installers are senior employees that have at least 3 years experience working with our company
  • we use only the highest quality art hanging hardware
  • proficient in installing with security hardware
  • we can offer many installation solutions, including various track systems and hanging options
  • consultation on art placement also available

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