COVID-19 Procedures

artverb* health and safety practices during COVID-19

Updated January 13, 2022

The safety of our team and clients are paramount to us. The goal of this page is to outline the minimum standards for safety that artverb* staff and clients must follow during the COVID-19 crises. Because of the evolving nature of this pandemic, this document may be updated to reflect the most current recommendations from municipal, provincial and federal sources. Nothing in this document is meant to supersede or contradict official recommendations issued through health agencies or other government entities.

artverb* worker safety

  • All artverb* staff will self-monitor their health, and notify artverb* management if not feeling well.
  • Any artverb* staff not comfortable about working a particular job due to health and safety reasons should let artverb* management know.
  • Whenever possible maintain a distance of 6 feet from others
  • Masks and gloves and hand sanitizer are being made available by artverb* however, any individual can choose to bring and use the own face coverings. Reusable masks will need to be maintained by the user with frequent washing and disinfecting.
  • artverb* will provide staff with masks as needed
  • All artverb* workers are expected to wear proper PPE while working
  • All artverb* staff will have their own personal pen, knife, and tape measure.

Truck safety for artverb* staff

  • Truck crew may be limited to 2 in the cab of the truck
  • A KN-95 mask will be issued to artverb* NY/MTL truck staff for weekly use.
  • Trucks will have disposable nitrile gloves and hand sanitizer for daily use
  • artverb* will try to have fixed teams during transitional period
  • All trucking staff shall wear masks while working inside and outside the truck
  • The trucks interior will be wiped down with truck cleaner wipes at the beginning and end of each day. A deep clean will be done at the end of each week.
  • Sanitizer will be used on high contact points of the truck, especially the outside door handles, inside grab handle, steering wheel, shifter, and turn signal. Common used tools will also be sanitized regularly.
  • Sanitizers will be available in trucks and toolkits, and artverb* staff is encouraged to sanitize hands regularly.
  • When entering a third party facility or residence please be aware of 6 foot distance between all people, everyone present must wear proper masks. 

Art installation, packing and transportation

  • Maintain a 6 foot distance from others at all time.
  • artverb* staff must wear proper PPE while working with a client
  • Clients are required to wear masks when interacting with artverb* staff.
  • Limit unnecessary interaction with clients.
  • If anyone in the client residence is not feeling well on the day of scheduled services, we ask the client to contact the artverb* office to reschedule.
  • artverb* staff and clients will not share the use of pens to fill out any paperwork and sign the BOL. Each person will use their own.
  • Implement indirect contact BOL procedures where possible. This means not passing the BOL directly from person to person, and maintaining a distance of 6 feet at all times.
  • Additional packing that may be required should be done in the truck if possible, or back at warehouse.

Please contact our office with any questions.

Ryan Barrett
Owner of artverb*