We are proud to be included in the CANADIAN ART Summer issue 2015

Excerpt from the Canadian Art Summer Issue 2015 regarding artverb’s principles on Art Installation:

“Using professional art installers will give you piece of mind that the art will not fall off the wall,” says Ryan Barrett of Toronto’s artverb*, naming one of every collectors’s greatest fears. Barrett states that the most common mistakes he sees in his business are people hanging works using wire, explaining that “professional art installers will always hang directly from two D-rings, so the artwork will not get ‘out of level’ over time,” and using the wrong weight of hardware. He reveals, “Our rule is to double the weight, so if the artwork weighs 40 pounds, we’ll hang it with two 50-pound rated hooks, meaning it has 100 pounds of wall support and is in a proper safety threshold.” In a collector’s home toolkit, Barrett recommends having “a tape measure, a hammer, premium-quality hardware, laser and spirit levels, a stud finder and a cordless drill. Also, a roll of thin, low-tack green painters’ tape, for marking the wall instead of leaving messy pencil marks.” His installers each travel with no less than six highly accurate levels. They are also equipped with adjustable museum hanging hardware that can save the day when confronted with large, heavy works or uneven walls.

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