About Us

artverb* is an independent artist-run business dedicated to serving the needs of Toronto’s visual arts community. We are based in downtown Toronto and cater to artists, galleries, museums and institutions.

  • Specializing in local fine art transportation and installation throughout Southern Ontario
  • Service delivered by friendly and uniform-wearing artists
  • Over 14 years of professional art handling experience
  • Offering bi-weekly New York City and monthly Ottawa/Montreal shuttles from Toronto, in climate-controlled, air-ride suspension, lift gate equipped, fully alarmed, unmarked trucks
  • Delivering to art fairs all across North America, including NYC, Chicago and Miami

These are the hands that move your art

Ryan Barrett

Ryan Barrett
Founder and Owner
Ryan makes artverb* awesome. This company is his vision. He tells everyone what to do. He likes being green. He also likes cookies. Some people know him as the mousetrap artist. Some people know him as an ultra runner. And some people know him as the boss.

Click here for Ryan Barrett’s Vision

Agata Ostrowska

Agata Ostrowska
Co-Owner, Operations Manager
If you need to book a job with us, you need to speak with Agata. She answers our phones, takes care of our local and international logistics, and makes sure our clients are happy. And when not in front of the computer, she sits in front of her antique typewriter and makes art.


Dean Povinsky

Dean Povinsky
Senior Lead Installer and Art Handler
Dean is just a normal guy who likes movies and watching the waves lap upon the sand as the sea birds circle above waiting to scoop up the stardust falling from his gleaming hair. We’re not really sure what makes him such a nice guy but we’re pretty sure it has absolutely nothing to do with how incredibly handsome he is, or the fact that he was born in Oshawa, ON.


Maxwell Galley

Maxwell Galley
Lead Installer and Art Handler
Maxwell is an artist and illustrator who exhibits his multiples regularly at artist-run centres, art book, and zine fairs around Toronto. In addition to art handling and installation his experience includes working on installations and window displays for Urban Outfitters and a brief stint as the art director for a University of Toronto Newspaper.


Andrew Miller

Andrew Miller
Art Handler and Driver
Born into a military family, Miller grew up across Canada in various locations including Ontario, Alberta, and Vancouver Island, BC. He attended Post Secondary School at Georgian College (Barrie, Ontario) in the Fine Arts Advanced Program under the direction of accomplished artists such as Stu Oxley and Ted Fullerton.

Influenced by the Group of Seven, Automatist, Giacometti, Chagall, and the Graffiti/Street Art Movement, Miller produces vibrant, highly textural and intricate pieces that comment on urbanization, materialism, and North American culture. The menacing robot juxtaposed to his unique graffiti visuals state society’s dependence upon technology within an evolving cityscape. Currently residing in Toronto, Miller practices Mural work along with Acrylic/Spray paint on canvas and wood panels.


Nick Colbert

Nick Colbert
Installer and Art Handler
Nick’s experience includes fabricating and installing window displays to fine art installations all over Manhattan- from galleries and auction houses to local art fairs and Miami basel.

Nick is a painter, sculptor, and also creates custom footwear. In all things he does Nick likes to bring a detail-oriented creative approach, whether it’s installing a show or discussing ufo conspiracy theories.


Stephen Deffet

Stephen Deffet
NYC Art Handler
Stephen Deffet is an artist currently living and working in Brooklyn, New York. Stephen has shown his work internationally and directed an artist-run gallery out of his garage for two years while living in Ohio. When Stephen is not at the studio or working one of his art handling jobs he is most likely eating or sleeping.


Maxwell Barnes

Maxwell Barnes
NYC Art Handler
Maxwell, 29, based out of Harlem, NY, is a self described “anti-hero” artist. Working through the medium of high resolution photoshop collage, Barnes constructs vast visual tapestries that extend past any singular interpretation. The R. Rauschenberg quote “Meaning is an economic way to feel” is a guiding principal of the artist’s deep dives into visual absurdity.

Having grown up in the New York City art world, Maxwell has long been familiar with the many levels that operate inside of it, and possesses confidence in all aspects of Art Handling. Maxwell is proud to apply that skill and confidence to the artverb* team on every New York shuttle.

You can find examples of Maxwell Barnes’ work hosted on the link below


As well as on his personal Instagram. @MolochMaxwell

And his Instagram project page. @framedbymywindow

Todd Irwin

Todd Irwin
Chicago Art Handler
Todd handles art on our Chicago shuttles. He is also a fine art printmaker and maker of zines and small publications. Otherwise he is drinking coffee at Chicago diners or hanging out with his dog Laika and cat Hot Sauce.


Herb the artverb* original truck

Local artverb* Truck
He is a 31 year old lovingly restored Grumman Kurbmaster. Herb is our #1, and the original truck that started it all. He has a 6′ 1/2 x 7′ x 15′ double padded carpeted cargo area. Herb is now mainly used locally in Toronto and on special occasions including parades and parties.

artverb* local truck

Premium artverb* Truck
Yoshi is a 2014 HINO 195 20 ft truck with climate control, air-ride suspension,
full alarm system, and lift gate. He is used locally in Toronto, but also southern Ontario, Quebec and other out-of-town jobs.

artverb* international truck

Premium International artverb* Truck
Hiro is a 2016 Hino 195 20ft truck with the best climate control, air-ride suspension, full alarm system including GPS TRACKING and lift gate. He is the bigger and tougher brother of Yoshi. Inside he is designed to an international art shipping spec never before done in Canada. This is the truck that offers the absolute best environment for temperature sensitive and high value artwork.