2018 Shuttle Schedule

The following lists our upcoming 2018 Shuttle schedule. Please note that truck space and service availability is limited and is booked on a first-come first-served basis. Shuttle dates are approximate, and require flexibility for pickup and delivery times.


NY102 JAN 15-19
Toronto Pickups: by JAN 15
New York Deliveries: JAN 17-18
New York Pickups: JAN 17-18
Toronto Deliveries: starting on JAN 22

NY103 FEB 5-9
Toronto Pickups: by FEB 5
New York Deliveries: FEB 7-8
New York Pickups: FEB 7-8
Toronto Deliveries: starting on FEB 12

NY104 FEB 19-23
Toronto Pickups: by FEB 19
New York Deliveries: FEB 21-22
New York Pickups: FEB 21-22
Toronto Deliveries: starting on FEB 26


MTL23 JAN 30-31
Toronto Pickups: by JAN 29
Ottawa Pickups/Deliveries: JAN 30-31
Montreal Pickups/Deliveries: JAN 30-31
Toronto Deliveries: starting on FEB 1

MTL24 FEB 27-28
Toronto Pickups: by FEB 26
Ottawa Pickups/Deliveries: FEB 27-28
Montreal Pickups/Deliveries: FEB 27-28
Toronto Deliveries: starting on MAR 1

Please Contact Us for future shuttle dates, pickup and delivery schedule, or to request a dedicated shuttle.