Introducing HIRO

artverb* would like to formally introduce the latest addition to our green fleet.


HIRO is a revolutionary art shipping truck that raises the bar in art transportation standards here in Canada.

HIRO is a 2016 Hino 195, with an alarmed 20ft box and 95.5″ tall inside, air ride suspension, GPS tracking with alarm integration, 2500 lb lift gate, and a Thermoking 680 reefer unit.

Taking over a year to make, this custom made truck is like no other.

The goal was to create a superior art shipping truck with:

  • the best in climate control
  • increased truck and cargo security
  • more toughness for city driving

HIRO has a sophisticated Thermoking reefer that runs independently from the truck. It precisely regulates temperature & humidity by heating and cooling the truck. With electric standby power and satellite communicated alarms and data retrieval, Hiro is a step above the competition. The client will now be able to track their valuable shipment using GPS satellite technology.

The truck box has a unique construction and design never before done in Canada. It’s made to an international art shipping standard. Combining special non-temperature transferring materials, poured foam in the walls, roof and floor and a triple door offer superior temperature stability.

The curtain wall is a unique artverb* feature in HIRO. Besides increasing security the movable curtain wall is also another temperature barrier that prevents weather from entering the truck and limiting drastic temperature fluctuations that can occur when loading or unloading in extreme weather conditions.

HIRO like YOSHI has the best in commercial truck security. Both trucks have BABACO ignition locks and alarm systems that protects the cargo area. The trucks can only be opened by an artverb* representative carrying a unique security key and performing a sequence of procedures otherwise the alarm will sound.

The goal with HIRO was to improve security by integrating the latest in satellite technology. artverb* is one of the only Canadian art shipping companies to offer GPS Tracking with alarm integration.